‘End of the Rainbow’ with Tracie Bennett – REVIEW


‘End of the Rainbow’ with Tracie Bennett

As skeptical as I was of seeing a show about Judy Garland without her in it, I was happily surprised after I’d seen this show. The performance of Tracie Bennett was superb. She not only sang the songs with Judy’s voice, she interpreted them in Judy’s way, which was the beauty of it all. All Tracie’s mannerisms and her physique really reminded me of Judy’s.

I’ve never seen a life performance by Miss Garland, but I’ve seen her on a video, and Tracie really captured her essence to perfection. I was wondering the whole time if Liza could have done that part? But … no answer came to me.

I was wondering, too, should we expose the worst or “heaviest” part of a famous person’s life? Should we not keep sacred the few icons of great performers from the past and remember them as they were at their best? But then I realized after my show, “Illusions,” where I dared to expose parts of my real life — the ones I never wanted to talk about — that the audience appreciated more what I had to say, and actually wanted to hear more about me and my life.

“End of the Rainbow” was a brilliant performance by Tracie Bennett, and directed by Terry Johnson at the Ahmanson Theatre (March 12-April 21, 2013). And here’s some advice for young singers wanting to impersonate a great singer: Do not imitate their way of singing. Try to understand why they interpreted the song in that way. And then see if there’s something inside you that you can pull out and use to interpret their song with the same feeling.

— Irina