What people are saying about “Illusions”:


What people are saying about Irina Maleeva’s show “Illusions”:

“Your performance of “Illusions” was the most memorable one for me and my husband. I listened to the CD and it was a balm to my soul.” – C.A.

“Congratulations on a wonderful show tonight. The passion and emotion in your performance was really touching. It is a great story and it was told so well with the words and songs.” – S.M.Hudson-Stage-IMG-3505

“By all accounts your show was just fantastic.” – S.H.

“You are amazing. Merci. We love you.” – S.P.

“There was so much heart and soul put into the performance and it showed. My friends were blown away.” – J.A.

“Everything about the show was outstanding; the music, anecdotes, stage setting. My husband and I really loved it. You have an amazing presence and a true connection with the audience.”

“I have been listening to your CD all day and again I have to compliment you for all the work you did. Your production team was stellar. Beautifully produced and your musical arrangement is off the charts. Absolutely beautifully done.” – H.K.

“I hope you can bring your show to NY and abroad, so many other people can enjoy your work”. – N.M.

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